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Below is a list of some of the many concepts and terms addressed by the authors covered in this site. It is not, of course, anywhere near exhaustive, but that is not the aim. The aim is to provide a central locus where viewers can identify concepts of interest to them, click on the appropriate link/s, and see a list of the pages on which those concepts are either directly mentioned or are implied and therefore relevant.

aesthetic distance aesthetics Africa allegorical interpretation anagogical interpretation anti-aestheticism anti-colonialism anti-formalism Arab and western culture Arabic poetry Arab poetics bare life base and superstructure biblical exegesis biopolitics Blaise Pascal book trade capitalism Catholic Church Christianity Christianity and comedy citizenship classical languages class struggle concentration camps cultural criticism cultural studies democracy doctrine of accommodation early journalism early reader reception eighteenth-century criticism ethnic cleansing European nationalism fascism fatality figurative language habeas corpus Hannah Arendt Heart of Darkness historical narrative homo sacer humanism human rights ideological state apparatuses ideology imitation interpellation Joseph Conrad José Vasconcelos Karl Löwith language and truth Latin law linguistic theory literal interpretation literary canon literary interpretation Marx and Engels Marxism material culture medieval theory and criticism metaphor Michel Foucault mimesis modernity moral interpretation national consciousness neoclassical criticism Nigeria political theory polysemy pre-Islamic orality precapitalist period print cultures printing press public intellectuals race racism refugees religion scriptural interpretation Sigmund Freud sign theory sovereignty subjectivity the beautiful the Divine Comedy the French Revolution the Holocaust the Nazis the Reformation the Renaissance the Shoah the sublime the Unconscious Thomas Hobbes vernacular language development violence wit